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Walter P. Lomax Jr., MD

1932 - 2013

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Dr. Lomax treating Martin Luther King Jr. 

Walter P. Lomax, Jr., MD was a doctor, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. A business visionary, Dr. Lomax had a simple, consistent philosophy - providing quality services to the underserved. His commitment to the African American community led to a lifelong effort to support African American economic development that he and his wife Beverly transferred to their six children.


Walter P. Lomax, Jr. was born in Philadelphia on July 31, 1932. The youngest of four children, his father worked at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, and his mother worked in a lampshade factory.  Graduating at the age of 16 from Central High School, Dr. Lomax went on to LaSalle College. 


After graduating from Hahnemann Medical College, Walter began his medical career as a solo practitioner in the same South Philadelphia neighborhood where he lived as a child. With his father's help, he purchased and renovated a doctor's office that became known as South Philadelphia Medical Center. 

From 1958 to 1990, Dr. Lomax grew his medical practice from one office to a 22 physician practice in six locations throughout the Philadelphia region. His business was distinguished by his model of providing high quality medical services in underserved communities.

In 1983, Dr. Lomax began providing medical services to incarcerated populations in correctional facilities beginning with the City of Philadelphia. This operation expanded with the creation of Correctional Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a provider of capitated health services. CHS grew to manage services in over 60 facilities in 18 states before it was sold to the industry leader Correctional Medical Services in 2000.  

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In 1989, Dr. Lomax co-founded Healthcare Management Alternatives, Inc., a provider of managed healthcare services in Philadelphia. After launching in Philadelphia, HMA successfully expanded its footprint to New Jersey and New York, rebranding its multistate managed care operation as AmeriChoice Corporation. Rooted in empathy for its underserved populations, AmeriChoice developed a personalized approach to health service delivery that remains the industry standard. Following its sale to UnitedHealth Group in 2002, AmeriChoice became a division that continues to operate as UnitedHealth Community Plans.

In an interesting twist of fate, in 1994, Dr. Lomax led the family to purchase a King William, VA plantation where his great grandmother had been enslaved. The property dates back to 1732 and has grown to encompass several adjacent farms of historic relevance to the Lomax family.  

Following the acquisition, the family changed the property’s name to Jubilee Farm. 

In 2003, Dr. Lomax and his wife Beverly founded the Lomax Family Foundation.


With all of his professional and business success, it is his family legacy that brought Dr. Lomax the most joy. Walter and Beverley were married for over 55 years and with six children, and 17 grandchildren. 

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As part of the Founders Day 2022 for WURD Radio, LLC, the city of Philadelphia conducted a ceremonial street renaming in honor of Dr. Lomax and his lifetime contributions.


The 1800 block on Wharton Street is now known as the “Walter P. Lomax, Jr., M.D. Way.”


It is the site of his first medical center he opened.

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